Artistic Encounters- ‘Lets get Regenerating’

Published on 18 May 2022

Yesterday afternoon, the first of the Artistic Encounters seminars took place at the Konserthus in Helsingborg. Artistic Encounters acts as a central point for participants to gather and connect with each other and reflect on their experience of the festival so far.

The theme for this session was ‘regenerating’ and attendees were offered the opportunity to practice moments of self-care through interactive games and exercises. The most precious activity came in the form of ‘self-affirmations’, which opened the door to ‘share a regenerating moment’.

‘We do not take enough time for ourselves to regenerate’.

We were each asked to write three ‘you are…’ statements, giving ourselves three positive affirmations during the session. This activity then developed into a sharing of our affirmations with other members of the group, as well as talking about how receiving these affirmations made us feel. The gathering was the first of many ‘artistic encounters’ and we look forward to what is to come.