Published on 9 May 2022

A Communal Poem

Inspired by the Cradle of Creativity Theater for Young Audiences Festival
at the 19th ASSITEJ World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, May 2017

Written in

Dutch, English, Ewe, Farsi, French, Hindi, Icelandic, Igbo, Japanese, Korean,
Lithuanian, Malagasy, Portuguese, Reunion Creole, Russian,
Serbian, Sesotho, Spanish, Tswana, Urdu, Xhosa, and Zulu

I am a witness: many countries gathering around a bonfire,
they tell stories of hope, peace, friendship, love, I take a greater
look at these countries and see children, children gathered
at the southern tip of Africa, children united, children of one voice –
they sing and keep on singing.

(Lereko Rex Mfono, Johannesburg, South Africa)

In takon domoun, in tralé kozman, in ta zartis,
in bonpé lang po in morso le rèv, in bout’ shemin,
in komansmann’ demin,
Ek nout zékli’d tannti
* Beaucoup de monde, une tripotée de discours, une pléthore d’artistes,
un grand nombre de langues pour un morceau de rêve, un bout de chemin,
un commencement de demain,
Avec nos éclats d’enfance
* Lots of people, tons of speeches, a plethora of artists,
so many languages for a piece of dream, a walk along,
a beginning of tomorrow
with our fragments of childhood

(Cécile Hoarau, Saint-Pierre, Reunion Island, France)

In the cradle of creativity, humanity returns to its Springfield,
carrying a little nutrient. Where is the field? I found it within
my own self, waiting to be fertilized.

(Ashish Kumar Ghosh, New Delhi, India

Ubuntu buphuphumala. Sasihleli
nengcaphephe kwezeqonga zamazwe
ngamazwe. Sasibonisana ngenjongo zethu
namaphupha ethu, sibalisa nge Afrika
nobuhle bayo. Ubuntu buphuphumala.

(Thembela Madliki, Makhanda, South Africa)

A smile, a hug, a song, a laugh, a hasty conversation connects
Before darkened rooms absorb us, hold us, release us, altered
Into a new reality, the same reality, made new through our connection

(Yvette Hardie, Cape Town, South Africa)

Dans un pays qui a marqué l’histoire,
à cause d’un homme Nelson Mandela.
Cape Town a été populaire, innovateur, attractif,
et Constructeur d’une nouvelle dynamique
pour le théâtre jeune public.

(Aimilia Emmanouil, Athens, Greece)

* The Rock reflects the sharp light of the southernmost
While the Cradle shines the astonished faces of children
And the Stage reflects the lights of love shining
toward the next generation to come

(Kenjiro Otani, Tokyo, Japan)

flying into cape town, looking out the window
at a city-in-a-bowl, a city cradled in the embrace
of table mountain, signal hill, and lion’s head,
this outlander looks forward to encountering,
for a 2nd time, the warmth and wisdom
of this wounded and wondrous country

(Kim Peter Kovac, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Í hlýjum faðmi marglitar fjölskyldu
undir fögru fjalli
glæðist von
um betri heim.
* In the warm embrace
of a multicoloured family
at the roots of a beautiful mountain
hope is born
for a better world.

(Vigdís Jakobsdóttir, Rekjavik, Iceland)

Snoek whispers to Firebird:
I want to feel
dizziness, sky and flame!
Firebird replies
I want to know depth,
shadow, the song of the ocean.

(Tamara Guhrs, Cape Town, South Africa)

Curtain up.
Two smart and strong women explain
the significance
of being on this continent.
An act of love. Many acts of love.
It was.
It is.
* Curtain up.
Dos mujeres fuertes e inteligentes explican
el significado
de estar en este continente.
Un acto de Amor. Muchos actos de Amor.
Asi fue.
Asi es.

(Roxanne Schroeder-Arce, Austin, Texas, USA)

“Bitten by the ‘Africa Bug?’ Hah! There is no such thing.
What you feel is the tug of an ancient umbilical cord,
calling you back to the cradle of humanity.” Wide-eyed,
like the children we serve, we turn and whisper,
“Welcome home.”

(Rives Collins, Evanston, Illinois, USA)

Comme une toile, tissée par une araignée pas vue, pas connue…
peu importe; mais qui existe… ASSITEJ est son nom.
Cape Town nous hébergeant, puisque nous étions unis,
a permis des voyages en Amérique, en Asie, en Europe, en Afrique
surtout pour nous de l’atelier; venus pour CONSTRUIRE DES HISTOIRES.
Nous avons planté notre Zistoir. Nous l’arroserons.
“Nous n’a pas déchiré la toile. C’est nous on l’a agrandie.

(Faustin Raysac Keoua Leturmy, Brazzaaville, Congo)

Familiar faces exchange in warm embraces
Fervent tongues communicating
a cacophony of creativity
while imaginations are sparked
and hearts are opened

(Jayne Batzofin, Cape Town, South Africa)

Sólo yendo al lugar donde África llega a su fin
he podido conocer cómo empezó el mundo:
las diferencias no son un muro profundo,
sino un puente que une a hermanos separados cuando llegamos aquí”.
* Only by going to the place where Africa comes to an end
have I been able to know how the world began:
the differences are not a deep wall,
But a bridge joining brothers separated at birth.

(Jesús Torres, Madrid, Spain)

I finally was able to travel to beautiful Africa, spending
eleven days in Cape Town, but I was not able to go farther
than five blocks from my hotel. I didn’t get to see any penguins,
elephants, the ocean nor any islands, yet I was happy. I was traveling
to Africa while in Africa. My pictures are the souvenirs of my journey
to the land of creativity.

(Mohammad Aghebati, Tehran, Iran)

지상과 천상이 만나는 곳
나는 생의 사작과 끝을 만났다
하늘이 숨쉬는 곳
나는 깃털처럼 자유로웠다.

(Young-Ai Choi, Seoul, Korea)

A candlestick:
As I rise to my feet, I feel the breeze of a new beginning.
Just like a baby, I sought a cradle, where love is winning
Then i saw one
I felt like I found one
A haven, where emotions, through words, pierced through
the body for the laughter of all
I found my cradle…at the Cradle of Creativity…
or better still,
Cradle of Humanity.

(Sophia Mempuh Kwachuh, Yaounde, Cameroun)

Plavo, plavo, još plavo… plavetnilo u ogromnim količinama
krasi ovaj grad u koji se dolazi sa čitavog kontinenta da se okuša sreća.
Očaralao me, obuzelo to plavetnilo gusto kao mleko.
Pomislih, ja odnekud poznam ovaj grad, čuči u nekom kutku
moje svesti odavno. “To je kolevka čovečanstva”, kažu.
“Kolevka dostojanstva i dubokog smisla “ dodajem, i upijam sa zahvalnošću.
* Blue, blue, more blue … the blue in huge quantities in the city
where you come to try your luck. It mesmerized me so I swallowed the glass of blue
thick as milk. I thought, I know this city, it is familiar and I have it deep
somewhere hidden in a corner of my mind kept for a long time.
It’s a cradle of mankind, they say. I add: It’s a cradle of dignity,
presence and sense. And I soak up the atmosphere with gratitude.

(Diana Kržanić Tepavac, Belgrade, Serbia)

The city sounds of robots and birdsong.
I venture from my hotel towards the Cradle,
wondering what new and unimagined joy
it will bring — that night in Cape Town.

(Nina Hajiyianni, Liverpool, England)

Children singing, dancing, so confident and happy.
The little girl who never spoke at home but was a keen actor.
Adults, babies, toddlers in Cabanza-we could stay there forever.
Latino party, Africa on the stairs of Artscape,
Friends, new ones, cooperation.

(Yves Simard, Montréal, Canada)

Children singing, dancing, so confident and happy.
The little girl who never spoke at home but was a keen actor.
Adults, babies, toddlers in Cabanza-we could stay there forever.
Latino party, Africa on the stairs of Artscape,
Friends, new ones, cooperation.

(Katariina Metsälampi, Helsinki, Finland)

At the edge
A sigh of reflective release
Teetering with dear friends
Within this cradle of hope
On the verge of creative impulse
On the tip of a continent
Dreaming new futures
On this spinning dot of dearest blue

(Jenny Ann Koppera, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)

(Imran Khan, New Delhi, India)

م یں چھائ وں ک ی پ رب ت
رکااِک ک ے پ ان ی
پ ر ک ون ے ک ے اف ری قہ
سھاِک ک ے ث قاف ت
م یں سات ھ جب ک اِ ف ن و ہ
وُگ فتو ت ھے ک رت ے
فمحُت زوِ پفر ک ثرت، ک ی ات حاد
تاو فجاگ فنو
ص یحت و فکوِاخ ع لم، امن،
َو ن رل
ت ھے ع لُ ُرداِ ک ے ن
ن اٹ ک و ب حث مزاح، و ت ُری ح
परवत की छाओंमै
पानी के ककनारे
अफीका के कोनेपर
संसकृतत के सहारे
रो कलाकार जब साथ मै

इततहाद की कसरत, पु

र जोर मोहबबत
तमनना र जु
अमन, इलम, खरुाक र सेहत
नसल ए नौ के अलंबरदार थे
तफरीह र मजा, बहस र नाटक
सभी असरदर थे

The air thrummed with excitement, senses strained to receive.
We were fed art; rare, raw, and thoughtful.
Humanity sighed from table top to island,
“Never forget”.
We will remember and cradle hope in our souls
in this uncertain world.

(Vicky Ireland, London, England)

Elle la petite burkinabè
Elle, c’est la petite burkinabè
Elle vient du Burkina Faso, le pays des hommes intègres.
Là-bas à Cape Town où plusieurs communautés s’intègrent.
Elle rencontre l’équipe de l’atelier d’écriture, à L’ Artscape.
Une équipe formidable. Il y avait de l’ambiance, la fraternité, le partage d’expérience
L’envie d’apprendre l’effort de tous pour comprendre un spectacle.
On partage la chambre à deux, on chante et danse en Zoulou
avec les frères et sœurs d’Afrique du sud.
Elle, la petite Burkinabè s’est sentie bien à ASSITEJ
au 19ème congrès à Cape Town.

(Edwige Kiemtaremboum, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)

Dance to the rhythm of the African drum
Heart starts beating to the musical hum
The love that roams around the air, is the Cradle of Creativity!
You and you and you over there, join in the joyous festivity!

(Mthokozisi Zulu, Durban, South Africa)

De wieg van de creativiteit
vol kleur, muziek, en dans—theater
spreken door text en images,
open gedachten
delende geesten

(Manon van de Water, Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

All I see is infused with history and hope;
the power of people, song, dance.
The bright light casts a deep shadow.
I listen as language becomes fluid and meaning clearer
and I take part in a huge family conversation
with all its drama, nuance, passion and memory.

(Sue Giles, Melbourne, Australia)

Hiver sud africain pour un festival qui réchauffe
Rencontres échanges autour du théâtre jeunesse
des langues françaises des pratiques artistiques
Intensité des moments de partage: spectacles repas écriture
danse chant politique lectures discussions réceptions
Découvertes découvertes découvertes
Cap sur l’espérance

(Pascale Grillandini, Paris, France)

در فرهنگ ایرانی، ما به زندگی بعد از مرگ اعتقاد داریم. به بهشت و جهنم! بهشت جایی است بسیار زیبا با طبیعت منحصر
بفرد، رودخانه های خنک و پر آب، آب و هوای دلپذیر، مردم مهربان و…
بهشت پاداش کسانی است که در این دنیا انسان های خوبی باشند.
وقتی به کیپ تاون رسیدم اولین کلمه ای که به ذهنم رسید این بود: بهشت!
طبیعت باورنکردنی کیپ تاون، جشنواره ی خوب “کردل آف کریتیویتی”، ملقات با دوستان قدیمی و عزیزم، دیدن اجراهای
بسیار خوب از همه جای دنیا و به طور کلی فعالیت در رشته ی هنری که عاشقش هستم “تاتر” ، باعث شد فکر کنم واقعا در
بهشت هستم!
حضور در جشنواره ی “کردل آف کریتیویتی”، پاداش من بود!

In Iranian culture we believe in another life after death. We believe
in heaven and hell. Heaven is a very beautiful place with a unique nature:
big fresh rivers, nice weather, kind people, and such.
Heaven is the reward for those who are good people in this life.
When I reached Cape Town the first word that came to my mind was “Heaven!”
The unbelievable nature of Cape Town, the great Cradle of Creativity festival,
having the chance to meet my dear old friends, watching great shows
from all over the world, and doing activities in the artistic field which I love
“Theater”, was like being in heaven!
Being a part of the “Cradle of Creativity” was a gift to me!

(Minoovash Rahimian, Tehran, Iran)

Feestelijk, ontroerend en waardevol – deze Cradle of Creativity
voelde als een nieuw begin; Voor zowel de groten als de kleintjes,
theater geeft het leven meer zin.
* Just like the magnificent view after the climb to the Table Mountain top,
With this Cradle of Creativity – don’t underestimate the power
of showing up.

(Erwin Maas, New York City, USA)

With togetherness and sincerity,
we rocked the cradle of creativity and lulled each baby
in our hearts to sleep in a better world.
Wherever we may be.

(Cliodhna Noonan, Cork, Ireland)

Cape Town
On djaraama!
Ou encore thank you en anglais
Ou tout simplement merci en français
Pour ces jours de partages
Pour ces rêves
Nos rêves
Nos tout petits rêves
Pour le bonheur des Tous Petits
Ces Tous Petits qui émerveillent
Les Plus Grands
Que nous sommes.
Juste un cap
Berceau de nos rêves
Cradle of our dreams
Qui depuis
Continuent leur aventure
Dans nos têtes
Nos pensées
Pour converger
En attendant.
En attendant la concrétisation de nos rêves

(Bilia Bah, Conakry, Guinea)

The intake of breath in dark houses witnessing
magic around the city. Dancing with global citizens
as we communed to connect & inspire.

(Roshina Ratnam, Cape Town, South Africa)

The intaTamy tanana araiky tsy lavitry Gasikara,
Fagniriangnan’ny tsaiky tsy mba nambela afara
Naravongno teny,feo, nanjary histoires
Nifôrogno tao koa groupe Zistoirs
Azalahy e atsika aza tara, tsô tavela afara.
* Dans un pays pas loin de Madagascar,
Les rêves des enfants ne sont pas sans espoir.
Mots et voix rassemblés, deviennent des histoires
C’est là-bas que né groupe Zistoirs
Amis dépêchons-nous, soyons pas en retard.

(Prisca Miarinirina, Diego Suarez, Madagascar)

Adults when they can’t believe it
He sat and watched – I can’t believe it!
She tried it out – I can’t believe it!
He didn’t cry – I can’t believe it!
Thank you for this
Thank you for this
Thank you for this

(Nicola Elliott, Cape Town, South Africa)

um encontro inesperado, este de uma brasileira-chilena
com artistas sul-africanos. uma cidade familiar, cidade do cabo
e rio de janeiro, irmãs separadas no nascimento.
um caso de amor fatal. a seguir.

(Bebe de Soares, Santiago, Chile)

The Mother City, its flat-topped mountain, its unseasonably sparkling seas.
Vibrant, committed, performances of plays that thrilled, angered, moved.
New friends and old – people who inspired, interrogated, laughed, hugged.
And penguins.

(Sarah Argent, Cardiff, Wales)

Pata pata! Miriam Makeba! Me vi bailando en el patio de mi casa
en Buenos Aires, con ocho años, una falda improvisada
y un pañuelo en la cabeza pretendiendo ser ella, sintiéndome libre,
como quería ella sentirse. La cuna me conectó con mi niña creativa.
* Pata Pata! Miriam Makeba! I saw myself dancing in the backyard
of my house in Buenos Aires, at age eight, with an improvised
skirt and a handkerchief on my head pretending to be her, feeling free,
as she wanted to feel. The cradle connected me with my creative girl.

(Beatriz Besteiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Bead key chain, table mountain, penguins, rock rabbits,
canopy walk, water shed, bird poop.
Go on the computer and go back to South Africa.
One big hug of another kid.
Thumbs up.
I want to go back and see him again.

(Jake Koppera, age 4, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)
(Poem transcribed by his mother)

N’uche Nkem, cradle of creativity yiri Nne
bu agidigba abo nri oji enye umu ntakiri nri.
Ka ha n’eri, ka o na ekunye nri. Nri a adighi
agwu agwu. Nne a no nime obodo nile
enwere ASSITEJ.

(Pamela Udoka, Lagos, Nigeria)

Once a garden to feed sailors,
On this ground where we can buy souvenirs,
and actors and puppets jump and fly around.
Once Krotoa who was renamed as Eva walked here free
They took away more than her name.

(Saskia Janse, Edam, The Netherlands)

Bare sesotho hase tolokwe, Ebile hasena tlhapa
Bare re bone Lefika la dikgeleke tlase kapa
Bare re bone mmuso wa bonono tlase Kapa
Bare re nonne ke tsebo yeo re nyatseng hotswa ho baditjhaba
Tlase tlase Kapa taba enele teng
Taba enele bokgeleke, Bonono le botaki.

(David Maphomane, Sasolburg, South Africa)

In Cape Town I feel it, cradled by new words and experiences,
connected by wonderful people; a harbour of inspiration
that allows me a community. We are guided by ancient
storytelling and possibility.

(Ginni Manning, Liverpool, England)

Wena uyisiqalo sami
Wena usiphelo sami
Imidlalo yakho
yenza inhliziya ifudumale
Wena waze ubuze bami
Ndaze ndizava ndiphemfula
kwinzinga zamaphaphu ami
Ayinoko undithwela ngobuchule bemdlalo yegqonga yakho
Nangemizwa yakho
Wena ungenze ngacabanga kanzima kanzulu
Ngekusasa Labantwana
Ngekusasa lobantu abasha
Nangusasa wenze okuhle
Kwabaye abantu

(Ongezwa Mbele, Cape Town, South Africa)

My time in Cape Town: morning coffees and conversations
with people from four continents. Robben Island and Pinotage.
Inspiration from around the world.

(Dwayne Hartford, Tempe, Arizona, USA)

Creatively rocked by a cradle, made up of human hands,
spanning oceans and borders, languages and cultures.
Asking myself deep questions about form, connection,
representation and content – how these things mix,
clash, and intertwine.

(Mieko Ouchi, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Je pense qu’à Cape Town, nous artistes de l’Afrique francophone
avons démontré que “Construire les histoires”
peut être une affaire concrète et sérieuse pour la nouvelle génération.

(Jeannette Mogoun, Douala, Cameroun)

Watching Congress (in a role called support) roll-call:
flags of nations unfurl, uniting to untie knots impeding births of creations;
opening hearts to nurture Cradle, feed minds of conscious future.

(Simon Sephton, Cape Town, South Africa)

Oyonam bé Dodji, et cette aventure merveilleuse vécue lé Mandela
bé djouméa do djidjoè nam n’to. ZISTORIENS ké mi Bénin, Burkina Faso,
Sénégal, Congo, Guinée Madagascar, Réunion Kpalimé Togo et autres
porteront Le monde des écritures jeune public do dji boooooo.

(Narcisse Amégnona Dodji Amouzou, Lomé, Togo)

melting pot for all
tinged over eleven days
theatre reflects truth

(Phillip Hardy, Kilkenny, Ireland)

Конгресс стал не просто местом встречи единомышленников,
но показал для меня Африку как континент мифологий,
творчества, энергии, послужил эпицентром культурных впечатлений:
от людей, от природы, от социального устройства жизни, от возможности
со-творения вместе важного будущего, от видения нового театра.
* The Congress was not just a meeting point for like-minded people,
but it showed me Africa as a continent of mythology,
creativity, energy, becoming the epicenter of cultural impressions
of very different forms: impressions from people, from nature,
from the social order of life, from chance to be involved into the process
of creating together an important future, from the vision of a new theater.

(Tatiana Bobrova, Velikiy Novgorod, Russia)

Cradling, swaddling, rocking the dreams of many hues, many tongues
Common purpose dissolving stubborn differences,
Catapulting us into an uncertain future, invigorated

(Yvette Hardie, Cape Town, South Africa)

Aš esu išdidus išprotėjęs žmogus tarp tokių
pačių žmonių visam pasauly, kai maža
mergaitė, kuri negali matyti, surenka saują
auksinių žvaigždžių ir papučia jas man į veidą.
“Svajonės išsipildys!” – sako akimis, šypsosi,
taip, kaip mano širdis anksčiau nemokėjo…

(Karolina Žernytė, Vilnius, Lithuania)

Aš esu išdidus išprotėjęs žmogus tarp tokių
pačių žmonių visam pasauly, kai maža
mergaitė, kuri negali matyti, surenka saują
auksinių žvaigždžių ir papučia jas man į veidą.
“Svajonės išsipildys!” – sako akimis, šypsosi,
taip, kaip mano širdis anksčiau nemokėjo…

(Karolina Žernytė, Vilnius, Lithuania)

The driver said, “There’s a cafe this way” as we veered
to a mountain village. White buildings. Birthday songs.
Unsipped tea. Unphotographed. Was it even there?
Could we ever find it again? South African secrets.

(Kelly Joyce Fielder, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)

Je l’ai vue cette montagne se dressant devant moi pour me dire
bonne arrivée au pays de Mandela.
Je l’ai vue drapée dans sa robe de température changeante me poussant
au théâtre de l’enfance.
Enfance, ce mot oublié des pays lointains.
Enfance, théâtre, jeune public.
Merci à toi Cape Town, ville de la créativité
d’avoir une pensée pour eux.
Eux, les oubliés
Eux, les privilégiés.
Eux, les rêves de demain.
Merci Cape Town

(Arlésienne Sovi, Cotonou, Benin)

Engulfing us is a jumble of words, languages, dialects, accents,
and, like the healing wind known as the ‘Cape Doctor’,
the voices of Africa push us all into the future.

(Kim Peter Kovac, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

19 world gatherings and yet the 1st in Africa?
We hope you now remember Africa,
that you revisit any colonial misunderstandings you may have.
Recognise Africa.
Recognise Africa rising.
Tell your people.

(Yusrah Bardien, Cape Town (and Johannesburg), South Africa)

Go tshwarana ka matsogo lwa ntlha,
Go utlwisana mofutho,
Go bitsana ka maina lokgetlhong lwa ntlha,
Lerato la rona
lenele feta mawatle are fapogantseng.
Ruri! Re nere le lelapa le legologolo. Re sale lona.
* The first handshakes,
The warm hugs,
The pronunciations of new names on our tongues,
The love we fed each other
was no match to the oceans that kept us apart
We were the biggest family. We still are.

(Mojalefa Samson Mlambo, Pretoria, South Africa)

The location of my cradle; theirs, ours
is there at night when breath
is slow
and limbs are still.
It is in deep,
mind at play,
with my family of millennia ago, my family now;
A breath of sleep,
a dream

(Tristan Jacobs, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Au sud du monde, face à l’océan, 1000 voix lumineuses
nées en français, anglais, portugais, tswana, bandjoun, lari,
shosholosa… se font écho, pillars of a better tomorrow,
zistoirs d’espoir world wild.

(Karin Serres, Vincennes, France)

Not there. Over here.
Yet as this earth pulses, thrums,
their song we now hear.

(Deirdre Kelly Lavrakas, Alexandria, VA, USA)

Futures whisper themselves into being.
Stories meet their tellers,
songs meet their singers.
the open mouth of a child

(Tamara Guhrs, Cape Town, South Africa)

Stories from the Cradle of Creativity is a project of Write Local Play Global,
the international network for playwrights for young audiences

in association with

ASSITEJ/South Africa and the Cradle of Creativity Festival.

This ‘emotional archive’

was created by
62 artists
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Edited by Kim Peter Kovac

Written by
Mohammad Aghebati (Iran)
Narcisse Amégnona Dodji Amouzou (Togo)

Sarah Argent (Wales)
Bilia Bah (Guinea)
Yusrah Bardien (South Africa)
Jayne Batzofin (South Africa)
Beatriz Besteiro (Argentina)
Tatiana Bobrova (Russia)
Young-Ai Choi (Korea)
Rives Collins (USA)
Bebe de Soares (Chile)
Edouard Eko Efoulou (Cameroun)
Nicola Elliot (South Africa)
Aimilia Emmanouil (Greece)
Kelly Joyce Fielder (USA)
Ashish Kumar Ghosh (India)
Sue Giles (Australia)
Pascale Grillandini (France)
Tamara Guhrs (South Africa)
Nina Hajiyianni (England)
Yvette Hardie (South Africa)
Phillip Hardy (Ireland)
Dwayne Hartford (USA)
Cécile Hoarau (Reunion Island, France)
Vicky Ireland (England)
Tristan Jacobs (South Africa)
Vigdís Jakobsdóttir (Iceland)
Saskia Janse (The Netherlands)

Edwige Kiemtaremboum (Burkina Faso)

Imran Khan (India)
Jake Koppera (USA)
Jenny Ann Koppera (USA)
Kim Peter Kovac (USA)
Sophia Mempuh Kwachuh (Cameroun)
Deirdre Kelly Lavrakas (USA)
Faustin Raysac Keoua Leturmy (Congo)

Erwin Maas (USA)
Thembela Madliki (South Africa)
Ginni Manning (England)
David Maphomane (South Africa)
Ongezwa Mbele (South Africa)
Katariina Metsälampi (Finland)
Prisca Miarinirina (Madagascar)
Lereko Rex Mfono (South Africa)
Mojalefa Samson Mlambo (South Africa)
Jeannette Mogoun (Cameroun)
Cliodhna Noonan (Ireland)
Kenjiro Otani (Japan)
Mieko Ouchi (Canada)
Minoovash Rahimian (Iran)
Roshina Ratnam (South Africa)
Roxanne Schroeder-Arce (USA)
Simon Sephton (South Africa)
Karin Serres (France)
Yves Simard (Canada)
Arlésienne Sovi (Benin)
Diana Kržanić Tepavac (Serbia)
Jesús Torres (Spain)
Pamela Udoka (Nigeria)
Manon van de Water (USA)
Karolina Žernytė (Lithuania)
Mthokozisi Zulu (South Africa)

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