Thinking About Artistic Creation For Early Years – Masterclass with Barbara Kölling

Published on 9 May 2022

Small Size Network invites you to a collective reflection and dialogue about artistic creation for early years facilitated by Barbara Kölling, Artistic Director of Helios Theater from Hamm, Germany.
The conversations will be stimulated by, and focused upon, two performances in the Bibu programme, so we strongly encourage you to see these performances at Bibu (if you have not seen them at other festivals).
The performances are “Saltbush” by Insite Arts and Compagnia TPO & “Snö” by Dockteatern Tittut.

Registration: Please write to Barbara Kölling to register for this programme at Bibu:

Barbara KÖLLING is stage director and artistic director of HELIOS Theater. She has directed more than 50 productions for children, young people and adults. Her artistic work is characterised by interdisciplinary collaboration of puppeteers, actors, musicians, visual artists,  and dancers. In 2005 she discovered the “theatre for the very young” for herself. Since then she created several productions and is concerned with research in this field in Germany and

Open Space: Conversation About Snö & Concluding The Masterclass
2pm 20th May 2022
Helsingborg Arena, Gerda

Open Space: Conversation About Saltbush
11am 20th May 2022
Helsingborg Arena, Presskonferensrummet

Introduction Session About Theatre For Early Years
11am 19th May 2022
Helsingborg Arena, Presskonferensrummet