The salon is where we gather for virtual industry masterclasses and seminars.

Our symposium's first event, is:
“Outdoor adaptations of artistic proposals for early years - what we learned from pandemic times”
Friday 20.5, 13-15hrs CET.

This event is on the Bibu 2022 Programme.
To view the recording you will need to register on the Bibu Online site and purchase a ticket.
The price for the single event is EUR10 or you can buy a full online pass for EUR 40 which gives you access to everything at Bibu 2022.

Barbara Kölling will be hosting 3 masterclasses on Artistic Creation for Early Years as part of the Bibu 2022 Festival.
These events are available only to attend as in person events. Recordings will be made available after the events You will require a Bibu Online pass to view the recordings

All the sessions will be available as recordings. You will still need a Bibu Online pass to access them.