BEYOND SENSATION 5 – Maljenguaq – Reconciliation

Tjucenglav Forum

The Taiwanese performance Beyond Sensation, selected by the international selection committee, is based on the concept of “creating the new with tradition and building the old with future”. With cooperation and exchange between the two parties, the future image is portrayed with the present image in a minimalist style.

For Bibu, the company Tjucenglav Forum has created an adapted version.The production will be presented in a filmed version, while parts of the ensemble perform music and singing live in the auditorium.

  • , Taiwan, Asia
  • Programme Type: Performances on Demand
  • Duration (minutes): 10
  • Ages: (Aimed Towards Adults)
  • Release Date: May 23, 2022
  • Tags: dance, music

You will only see a 30 second trailer of this content until the Release Date and Time listed above. At the designated time, the full content will become available for viewing at any time until the online event closes.


Choreographed by Terudj