Dance Perception And Expression Of Very Young Audiences – Only Available In-Person, Not Online

Dansema Dance Theatre / Birute Baneviciute

This seminar is for performing arts professionals and will explore dance perception and expression of very young audiences. The seminar will include a presentation of the methodology, observation of a baby dance class, and subsequent discussions.

The methodology is grounded in the long-term research of choreographer, Birute Baneviciute. It introduces Baneviciute’s approach to creating sustainable interactions between children and adults within performing arts. The focus is on children from birth until the age of two years, a time when first movement experiences can be guided in a natural and sustainable way.

By observing the dance class (for babies aged 8-14 months), professionals will see the methodology in practice. The dance class itself contains guided processes wherein babies explore basic elements of dance, movement, and objects which induce different reactions. These activities lead children into the dance world in terms of cognition and development of imagination, creativity as well as coordination, as well as balance and fine motor skills. Professionals will be able to observe how babies understand dance and how they express their understanding. The class contains no verbal instructions for the babies. The adults are invited to give time and space for children’s decision-making and self-expression and to learn how to notice and read children reactions which, in early age, are not verbal but kinesthetic.

After the class, a discussion will take place for participants to exchange experiences and insights.

  • Vilnius, Lithuania,
  • Duration (minutes): 90
  • Ages: Baby Dance Class For Ages 8-14 Months, Seminar For Adults
  • Date: May 19, 2022 08:30 GMT
  • Language: Baby Dance Class Is Non-Verbal, Seminar Is In English
  • babies, dance, early years, education, participatory


Birute BANEVICIUTE, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Dansema Dance Theatre, Creator of the Methodology, Seminar Leader


Birute Baneviciute is a choreographer and the artistic director of Dansema Dance Theatre which was the first in Lithuania to create dance performances for children in 2007. Until now, Birute has created 17 performances for children of different ages (0-3 years; 3-6 years; or 5-10 years) which have been presented in 27 countries around the world. She also creates dance and movement performances for drama and puppet theatres nationally and internationally (in Germany and Ukraine). Birute holds a doctoral degree in dance education science and grounds her artistic work in her research. She has developed a method of dance experience and development for babies of 8-14 months old and for children with various abilities (Down’s Syndrome, Autism, etc.). She gives seminars and workshops for children, dance and theatre professionals, teachers, and parents both nationally and internationally. Birute has written books and articles on dance education and has written the Lithuanian National dance curriculum for P-12 grades. She is also Assoc. Prof. at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy Dance and Movement Department. Since 2020, she has been Chair of the Board of ASSITEJ Lithuania.