Foyer Networking 1 – Unfortunately a recording of this event is not available.

ASSITEJ International

  • International, International, International
  • Duration (Minutes): 120
  • Language: English
  • Ages: 18+ (Professional Content)
  • When: May 18, 2022 15:30 GMT ( Your Local Time)
  • AVAILABILITY: Livestreamed session with recording available afterwards
  • Tags: conferences, community building, networks

These Foyer Networking sessions are being held for friends and members of ASSITEJ.
These sessions will be run as a ZOOM Meeting in which participants can come and chat more informally with each other instead of listening to a formal presentation.
National Centres and other invited organisations have been invited to book one of these Foyer Networking sessions in which they can host their own ‘sub-event’ in a Breakout Room on ZOOM. This may be for their own members to meet each other, to advertise their upcoming events to the wider community, or to arrange a group of interested colleagues to come together and discuss a chosen theme. You can choose to use this breakout room as you see fit. PLEASE NOTE NATIONAL CENTRES MUST HAVE BOOKED BREAKOUT ROOMS IN ADVANCE.

Upon entering the main ZOOM room, you will be greeted by an ASSITEJ host. You are welcome to stay in the main Foyer and chat with other participants. If you or your participants are participating in a sub-event, you will then be invited to join your pre-arranged Breakout Room.

Breakout rooms will include:

1. Kim Peter Kovac – A Conversation on TYA Playwriting in Today’s World
An open, free flowing conversation about TYA playwriting in a world filled with COVID, climate change, and political conflicts. How can playwrights write stories that reach our children and young people with empathy and intelligence? How can writers help each other after so much isolation due to lockdowns? How do we tackle personal demons, both in ourselves and in our young people. We welcome all ideas, all thoughts, as working across the globe is more important than ever.

2. National Center ASSITEJ Ukraine – Between the past and the future : the way of ASSITEJ Ukraine
We would like to present a short story of NC ASSITEJ Ukraine, its goals, dreams, and perspectives of work.

3. Small Size Network
Get Involved with the small size virtual house

4. Henry Tsopotsa – Manicaland Young Voice
Manicaland young voices is a workshop title set by the Courthauld Players CO Mabvazuva Creative Hub with an aim to work on issues that are affecting the young generation which includes drug abuse reversal of roles at a family level, domination of street culture which is affecting the education system, gender issues, disability amongst other issues, hence our Organisation standing as the voice of the youths in advocating for their plights. It is against this background that we are working on employment and entertainment in the theatre space which include theatre staging, comedy, music and visual arts.