Inter-Generational: A Dialogue On Fairness For The Future


Facing up to the causes and consequences of climate change often provokes conflict between older and younger generations, between those who are thought to be responsible for our situation and those who are – or will be – suffering from the damage done. And yet, solidarity and collaboration seem to be the only ways toward a common vision that will allow all of us to make a change and build another future. This workshop offers a safe and brave space to express what members of different generations expect, fear, and wish from each other, as well as the hopes we share, the energies we can set free, and the utopias we dream about for our own – and each other’s -futures. The workshop aims to provide a mixture of impulses and playful, interactive parts that involve devising and performing little impromptu moments of what “future fairness” might look like.

This event is not available to watch live online. Please return to this page any time from 24 hours after the event has concluded to watch the video recording.

  • International, Germany & Senegal, International
  • Programme Type: On Ground Festival
  • Duration (minutes): 90
  • Ages: All Ages (Professional Content,Aimed Towards Adults)
  • Release Date: May 18, 2022
  • Language: English & French
  • Translation: Dual Translation Into English & French
  • Tags: citizenship, collaboration, dialogue, intergenerational, participatory

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Annika BODE, Workshop Leader & Speaker
Moussa THIAM, Workshop Leader & Speaker
Wolfgang SCHNEIDER, Workshop Leader & Speaker
Julia Dina HESSE, Host
Meike FECHNER, Host


Annika BODE is a student, poetry slammer, and member of the youth supervisory board, “Drama Control”.

Moussa THIAM is a director, actor, cultural mediator based in Senegal.

Wolfgang SCHNEIDER is a former Professor of Cultural Policy at the University of Hildesheim and is Honorary President of ASSITEJ International.

Julia Dina HESSE is Vice President of ASSITEJ Germany, an Executive Committee member of ASSITEJ International, as well as a dramaturg, director, and researcher.

Meike FECHNER is Secretary General of ASSITEJ Germany and is a cultural anthropologist.