Outdoor Adaptations Of Artistic Proposals For Early Years

Small Size Network

A symposium sharing numerous examples of how Small Size Member companies worked during the pandemic at the times of lockdowns and theatre closures. Live contact is important for early years and the interaction with the audience is essential for artists. Gabriel Maccio Pastorini from Uruguay will share about Acayalla, an immersive dance-theatre project for children aged four to six years old. Les Incomplètes from Canada will present their walking-tour for families, Berce-moi. Kukulu from Belgium will explain how they adjusted their pre-existing show Op zee for babies and toddlers, whilst Cie Be from France will offer their experiences on how they worked in kindergartens. Outdoor shows were often the only possibility for many companies to survive. Courtyard performances from Mexico, Window Theatre from Italy, and performances in the snow in the north will also be discussed.

  • International, International, International
  • Programme Type: Lecture
  • Duration (minutes): 120
  • Ages: 18+ (Professional Content,Aimed Towards Adults)
  • Release Date: May 20, 2022
  • Language: English, with Spanish & French
  • Tags: babies, early years, environment, network

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Gina WESTBROOK, Facilitator