Theatre and Livelihood

Hosted by Jerry Adesewo

This roundtable discussion will see participants share their thoughts on the relationship between theatre and livelihoods. They will answer the question, ‘is theatre alone enough to earn a livelihood?’ Each of the panelists will provide personal insights into the perceived nobility/dignity of theatre as a career/profession in their respective countries, and by extension, their regions/continents. This will include discussing the manner of support structures that are available for artists’ welfare in each country.

In addition, and to further address the issue of how theatre contribute to livelihoods in a general sense, we will explore how useful theatre is to society – especially at a time like this, when the world is at the mercy of the raging pandemic. How have theatre professionals faired? And what have they done to stay afloat?

  • International, International, International
  • Programme Type: Roundtable
  • Duration (minutes): 90
  • Ages: 16+ (Professional Content,Aimed Towards Adults)
  • Release Date: May 18, 2022
  • Language: English
  • Tags: acting, dialogue, human rights, networks, participatory

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Jerry ADESEWO, Founder/Artistic Director, Arojah Royal Theatre; Abuja, Nigeria

EliSophie ANDRÊE, Playwright, Film Maker and Gender Artivist; Stockholm, Sweden

Getrude MUNHANO, Storyteller and Life Coach, Founder, Dendere Art Trust; Harare, Zimbabwe

Shoaib IQBAL, Founder, The Little Artl Lahore, Pakistan (also President of ASSITEJ Pakistan; Executive Committee Member of ASSITEJ International)

Viviane JUGUERO, Artist, Researcher, Professor, and Cultural Manager; Brazil/Norway (presenting “Pluriperceptive and Multicultural Theatricalities to Diverse Early Childhoods”)