Understanding Design Thinking In Classroom Drama

Deepmala Tiwari & Sakshi Gaba

In 2021, India ranked 140th in the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index. In our country, most of the young girls and women are vulnerable which makes them struggle everyday for their basic human rights.

In this workshop, we will be exploring the intersection of “Design Thinking” and “Classroom Drama”. Design Thinking provides a non-linear, user-centred framework which can be easily adapted to any classroom setting. In our workshop, participants will get to understand “what” and “how” design thinking can be adapted to drama activities and exercises. Case studies around gender equality from rural parts of India will serve as a catalyst to dissect both the worlds of design thinking and drama. We have tailored the workshop to keep in mind the needs of educators in classroom settings. Participants will leave with resources to use in their classroom to start conversations around gender and to take forward action in their communities.

  • New Delhi, India, Asia
  • Programme Type: Workshop
  • Duration (minutes): 75
  • Ages: 18+ (Professional Content,Aimed Towards Adults)
  • Release Date: May 19, 2022
  • Language: English
  • Tags: design thinking, classroom drama, gender, educators

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Deepmala Tiwari (she/her) is an actor, director, deviser, and educator. She did her Masters in Theatre for Youth at the University of North Carolina, USA. Her work allowed the broader community to engage in conversation, creating a safe space for divergent voices and encouraging collaboration between individuals. Working with international artists from various fields (including music, visual art, educators and theatre artists) on numerous projects, she has worked in hospitals engaging in clowning with young cancer patients, in the red light district with sex workers and their children, in street theatre performances advocating for the rights of women, on professional stages as an actor and director, in public schools integrating arts into the curriculum, and much more. Deepmala was selected as one of the three emerging leaders in the field by TYA/USA in 2019. After graduating from UNCG, she worked with New York City Children’s Theater as a dramaturg on their new show “Same, Same, But Different” and as a teaching artist with Seattle Children’s Theatre. Now back in Delhi, India, she teaches classroom drama through K-8.

Sakshi Gaba (she/her) is an educator and theatre practitioner. She did her Masters in Development Extension and worked on development interventions in urban slums during her course of study. Currently, she is working as a Programme Manager with “Design For Change” in New Delhi, India which works to empower the young generations with crucial life skills. She has worked with major NGOs, engaging intensively with children in slum areas of Delhi. An artist at heart, Sakshi has been associated with professional theatre companies for 10 years.