Special Events

These sessions are completely free to all members of the public. You can participate either via registration of a free user account on https://assitejonline.org and then registering for this specific session on this page OR you can visit Facebook to watch the event stream to the official “ASSITEJ International” Facebook page.

本セッションは、ASSITEJメンバーであればどなたでも無料でご参加いただけます(各メンバーからの参加人数には制限がありますが、オブザーバーとしてどなたでもご参加いただけます)。参加方法は、https://assitejonline.org で無料のユーザーアカウントに登録し、そこからご希望のセッションに参加登録するか、フェイスブックの “ASSITEJ International “の公式ページのイベントストリームから鑑賞して頂くことも可能です。

Opening Ceremony 開会式

This is an opportunity for international delegates to share in the opening ceremony which is being held in Tokyo. After performances of “Daikokumai” and “Shishimai” by ARAUMAZA Japanese Folk Entertainment Performance Company, the Taiko drummers of Adachi Higashi High School will perform. Following greetings from the event organisers, we invite you to enjoy the Kyogen dance “Boshibari” by Zenshin-za.

東京・長野で開催される本大会のオープニングセレモニーです。民族歌舞団 荒馬座による「大黒舞+獅子舞」を皮切りに、東京都立足立東高校・和太鼓部のみなさんが和太鼓演奏を披露します。大会主催者からのご挨拶の後、前進座の狂言舞踊「棒しばり」をお楽しみください。

24 March 19h00 (GMT)

Awards Ceremony アシテジ賞授賞式

Join us in celebrating and honouring the work of noteworthy ASSITEJ members from around the world!


31 March 14h00 (GMT)

closing Ceremony 閉会式

This is the last event of the 20th ASSITEJ World Congress & International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Young People / MIRAI 2020. The closing ceremony will be held in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture. Festival Entertainment Group Dengakuza and other local Nagano creative groups will perform and bring children’s voices to the stage. At this ceremony, we will also announce the next host city of the ASSITEJ World Congress.


closing party

We will celebrate the fantastic 11 days of the 20th ASSITEJ World Congress / MIRAI Festival with great energy to take us all the way TOWARDS CUBA! where we hope we will be able to meet again in person! Join us on the main ZOOM dance floor to sounds from DJs from all over the world! A ‘Bal Moderne’ where we will dance, play, laugh, and connect – as well as spaces to just sit and have a chat!

We are waiting for you!

We strongly encourage all people from across the world to participate in any language they wish.

1 April 20:30 (GMT)